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LMV Social Social Media Strategy
& Management


Our Approach

As a social media strategist, I work closely with my clients to design and implement social media strategies that will help build their communities.

Social media tips

I take a detailed look at your social media performance and platforms to see what does and doesn’t work and create a strategy which will simplify and strengthen your social media presence.

Example of a visual social media post

By streamlining your social media, knowing where you should concentrate your effort and what you don’t need to worry about, you’ll save invaluable time which can be spent focussing on growing your business!

Lucy McVey working

You won’t be wasting time or money on platforms that aren’t the right fit for your product or service. With my help, you won’t just have an engaged audience, you will have an engaged audience of the right people.

Why Social?

With almost 4billion people worldwide using social media, your ideal customer is going to be found there. Social media is all about creating and building communities.

Example of a visual social media post

Small businesses grow their success based on the communities they build and social media can help you build an amazing community of loyal customers and clients.

You make connections with the people you meet, and you can become life-long friends with someone online before you've even met them in person!

Our Experience

Hi I’m Lucy and I run LMV Social, a social media agency based in North London… I’m originally from Northern Ireland but have lived in London for over 20 years.

I live with my partner, kids and a large ginger and white cat called Mr. Noodles who frequently appears on my Instagram stories.

My drink of choice is coffee or wine, depending on the time of day! And I have a list as long as my arm of books to read and an unhealthy passion for Netflix.

I grew up in a small town where local business was really the backbone of the community. This is where my passion for supporting small businesses came from.

I work closely with my clients to design and implement their ideal social media strategy, leaving them free to concentrate on running their business!


Lucy McVey, social media strategist and manager

I worked with Lucy this year on my Blog and Podcast. She helped me to structure a repurposing content strategy for my existing blogs and podcasts.

I was very impressed by her attention to detail. She researched my industry (Fitness) and provided a comprehensive list of popular hashtags and repurposing ideas that I have since put into practise. She also provided follow up ideas. I was impressed by her ‘above and beyond’ attitude and i would definitely work with her again!

Mel Bridger

The Mummy Trainer

What we offer

Audit & Strategy


What you need is to streamline your social media so you can focus your efforts on where they’re going to make the most impact. I take an analytical view of your social media platforms to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

I will provide you with a comprehensive social media strategy highlighting which platforms will work best for your business, the kind of content you should be posting and when the best time to post is! This strategy will simplify and strengthen your social media presence. With my help, you won’t just have an engaged audience, you will have an engaged audience of the right people.


From £300 per month per platform depending on services required

When you’re busy running your business, you don’t always have the time to give your social media platforms the attention they deserve. I offer daily management services to relieve the pressure leaving you free to concentrate on your business!

I offer the follow services for platform management:

  • I will post to your platforms – regularity and content depends on best practise according to that platform.
  • Engage with other accounts to build your audience and respond to any comments.
  • Create content with your brand identity in mind.


From £100 for an hour

Maybe you just need a chat about how to make your platforms perform better. You know where to find your ideal clients, but you just need some guidance in how to better utilise the platform. Contact me for a one-off consultation

Lead Magnet Creation

Prices vary depending on needs

Do you want to build an email list and increase your audience? Then you need a great lead magnet! A lead magnet is a freebie, like a video, or a download, that you offer in exchange for email addresses. It’s a great way of showcasing your expertise in order to build a list of potential new customers! You might just want the lead magnet created, or you might also want the full set up with email automation. I can provide you with both! Book in a call with me to let me know how I can help!

Awareness Days


Lucy McVey working

Click the link to download my May Awareness Days Calendar!

As long as you use them wisely and don’t jump on every bandwagon!

Whatever you have planned, make sure you have content planned around relevant awareness days. Use the hashtag relating to the specific awareness day and anyone searching that hashtag will see your post and this will help increase your reach.

Which Awareness Days can you use to amplify your business?

Lucy McVey working
Pinterest as a social plaform

Using Pinterest

Pinterest Management

Pinterest Is a very under-utilised platform but it has so much potential for small businesses. With more than 416million monthly active users, chances are your customer is going to be there. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded so small businesses can do very well. Pinners are searching for specific products and services and use the site when they want to start a new project. So if you're not using Pinterest to market your business now is the time to start! Contact me for more info.


Link to Pinterest

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I had the pleasure of hiring Lucy on a social media management project. After interviewing her, I was confident she was the right person for my client to perform all of the social media management tasks that were bestowed upon her.

 I hired Lucy again in order to help my own Content Marketing where she wrote an article about the 5 skills a Social Media Manager ought to have. The article was written based on my own thoughts but skillfully put together by Lucy with some branding enhancements. It is my second highest viewed article to date. I hired Lucy again to transcribe a couple of LinkedIn articles for me. Her quick turnaround was very impressive and extremely accurate and I was extremely happy with her delivery.

MayKing Tsang

The Original FOMO Creator and Live Content Producer