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Do you know how to find your ideal customer?

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Who is your target audience?

There isn't much that's more important on social media than your audience. Your audience determines the content you create, which platforms your target, and therefore how successful your campaign is. 

Before you start any social media campaign you need to research who your ideal client is. Find out which platforms they use, when they're likely to be online and what they want to know. Think about how you can help them.

Finding out how to reach your target audience can be a long process and involves a lot of trial and error, but once you narrow this down you can get to know your audience and work out how to connect with them.

You can do this by creating a customer persona.

Think about your ideal client:

·       What are their age and gender?

·       Where do they live?

·       What is their marital status, and do they have any children?

·       Are they in full-time employment, run their own business, are they stay-at-home parents, or something else?

·       What kind of hobbies and interests do they have?

·       Which social media platforms do they enjoy using and what time of day are they usually online?

This is just a handful of questions you can ask yourself to try and nail down your ideal customer. If it helps, you can even give them a name! This can help you visualize them a bit more.

Once you have a clear idea in your head, who your ideal customer is then creating content to attract them becomes much easier. And it makes your ad targeting much easier as you’re not just throwing your content to everyone hoping that you’ll end up in front of your perfect client.

If you want to know more about how you can find your ideal client, then drop me an email or connect with me on Instagram or twitter!

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