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What to post when you're stuck for ideas!

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Five simple ideas for when you don't know what to post

Sometimes we can feel a little stuck on social media in terms of what we should be posting. You’ve been posting content for a while, and then you just lose momentum and don’t feel inspired.

It’s okay to take a break, in fact it’s recommended!

But you can’t let your feed go dormant for too long. So, what can you post when you really don’t know what to post? I’ve got some very simple ideas to help kick-start your feeds!

Say hello to your followers

When was the last time you took the time out to say hello to your followers and properly introduce yourself to your new audience?

Chances are, you’re so busy running your business and getting your product or service out there, that you forget to show your face!

Remember, people like to buy from people so it’s important to show your audience sees the person behind the product. So, take some time out to say hello, share a little bit about yourself and get to know your audience.

Share some industry news

Has something big happened in your industry recently?  In social media there are constant industry changes, it’s impossible to keep up with them! Sharing news that’s relevant to your industry is a great way to create content when you’re a bit stuck for ideas.

Keep an eye out for trending topics – there will always be something you can share with your followers.

Show what happens behind the scenes

Behind the scenes I usually have a cat lying across the keyboard or on my shoulder - he’s rather large, I need to keep him propped up so end up typing one handed. He frequently ends up on my social media feeds.

Is everything calm and peaceful when you’re working, or do you have constant distractions? Let your followers know what happens while you’re trying to work, it’s like letting them into your world. Chances are they’ll relate to you more than they already did!

If you sell a product, why not show the process that goes into making it? People are curious, they’ll love to know what goes into making the product they buy.

Ask and answer

Are there any FAQs that relate to your industry? Perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration for your next blog post. Maybe, your followers have a question they’d like to ask you. Ask your audience if there’s anything they’d like to know about your product or service, and you could end up with lots of inspiration for your next blog or even a new service you can provide.

Sometimes you just need to ask.

Utilise Awareness Days

There are many, many awareness days out there. From World Book Day to National Tea Day, to World Yoga Day, there’s a day for pretty much everything and they’re a great way of highlighting your business. Use the hashtag relating to the specific awareness day and anyone searching that hashtag will see your post and this will help increase your reach. But make sure the day has some relevance to your business! I have a helpful downloadable awareness days calendar for just this reason! Click here to get yours!

There you go, 5 simple ideas to give your social media a nudge when you’ve run out of ideas! Remember, you ned to be consistent, but you don’t have to post every day. You can give yourself a break and your audience will still be there. Just don’t go away for too long!

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