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Why Pinterest

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Why you should incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy.

These days it’s hard to find any positivity on the internet. If we’re not battling bots and trolls, then we’re constantly worried about our follower numbers and whether or not people really like us.

I’ve been working in social media for about 5 years and while I still love what I do, it’s exhausting! Sometimes you just want to get your business out there and shout about it. But that’s difficult to do if you’re constantly worried about coming across as too salesy.


That’s where Pinterest comes in!


Pinterest is a super positive online platform where people are actively looking for your product and there is no chance of being seen as talking about yourself too much. 


While it’s generally seen as a “Social Media” platform, Pinterest is technically a search engine. In fact, it’s the 3rd biggest search engine, after Google and You Tube, and it’s the only visual based search engine.


The secret to Pinterest is great visuals and specific keywords. Pinners want to know that your product or service can help them just by looking at your pin. So being direct with what your pin is all about will show Pinners how you can provide the solution they’re looking for.


On Pinterest, your content has a much longer shelf life; 16 weeks, in fact, compared to say 20 minutes on Twitter or 24hours on Instagram. And the possibilities for repurposing your content arecalmost endless. A few tweaks here and there and you have a brand-new pindriving traffic to your website for pretty minimal effort. And you caneasily repurpose your Instagram reels and stories into Idea Pins.


Unlike social media platforms,Pinterest wants Pinners to go and visit your website. You could look at it as a shop window for your business. Somewhere you don't need to be ashamed about selling and a safe place for introverts to sell their products and services.People go to Pinterest because they want to be inspired, they have questions and they're looking for answers.


Pinterest has been described as providing “inspiration for every aspect of your life”, without feeling the need to have a big following.


So how can Pinterest help you? Besides getting your business in front of your ideal customer, Pinterest is a great place to build your email list as well as directing traffic to your website and of course, increasing your sales!


Not enough to convince you, then how about these stats?!

📍 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded?

📍 84% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide on what to buy 

📍 47% of social media users use Pinterest to discover and shop for products

📍 85% of Pinners use Pinterest when they want to start a new project.

If you have a product or service-based business you should be using Pinterest to market that business! 


And the best bit? No trolls or negative comments!

Pinterest is a positive place where people go to feel inspired. Pinners are looking for what you're selling so why not see how Pinterest can work for you! 


If you want to know more about how you can introduce Pinterest into your marketing, drop me a line here.


And if you’d like to know how to create the PerfectPin, download my freebie here!

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